WAREHOUSE OUTLET STORE-- Contractor prices for the PUBLIC:

W. Melbourne
7825-C Ellis Road

Tile & Stone is located just .9 of a mile from the corner of Ellis Road and John Rodes Blvd., and just 2.5 miles from I-95.

Tile & Stone is a singular destination for, as the name suggests, tile and stone--it's a huge warehouse with quality product lined up from end to end.  There are no hidden messages, no complexities here, just a great supply house of quality product, ready to carry out. 

Tile & Stone is quite a different business than Design Studio Ferrazzano, and it serves a diffterent customer.   Some of our best customers are remodeling professionals who know, while Tile & Stone is a bit out of the way, it is worth the trip. 

Tile & Stone is not located in a shopping district and consequently, the prices reflect that. This is an outlet store, and the same prices apply to all who shop here.  Everyone pays contractor prices at Tile & Stone.

Looking for the place is a bit like following a treasure map, but then, what you carry out is a lot like treasure, too. So it fits.

The merchandise changes quickly so if you see it here, you would be wise to say yes and take it away today. Visit soon. 

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm





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